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This is a prototype database for PLAYBOY Special Editions. Currently it only contains data for 1999 through the present. Search keywords from title, cover models, publication date, comments, etc.

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Date Browse: 1998

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  1. "small

    title: Playboy's Book of Lingerie
    identifier: 1998.09.1
    date: Sep/Oct 1998
    issue: v.63
    cover model: Christi Taylor
    photographer: David Rams

    Playmate Lingerie 1972

  2. "small

    title: Playboy's Natural Beauties
    identifier: 1998.09.2
    date: Sep 1998
    cover model: Rachel Jean Marteen
    photographer: Phillip Vullo

    Premiere issue

  3. "small

    title: Playboy's Playmate Tests
    identifier: 1998.10.1
    date: Oct 1998
    cover model: Victoria Silvstedt
    photographer: Tom Biondo

  4. "small

    title: Playboy's Body Language
    identifier: 1998.10.2
    date: Oct 1998
    cover model: Jenny Cote
    photographer: Gen Nishino

  5. "small

    title: Playboy's Book of Lingerie
    identifier: 1998.11.1
    date: Nov/Dec 1998
    issue: v.64
    cover model: Lynn Thomas
    photographer: Andrew Goldman

    Playmate Lingerie 1973

  6. "small

    title: Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens II
    identifier: 1998.11.2
    date: Nov 1998
    cover model: Elizabeth Jo Anne
    photographer: Andrew Goldman

  7. "small

    title: Playboy's Nudes
    identifier: 1998.12.1
    date: Dec 1998
    cover model: Joy Behrman
    photographer: Andrew Goldman

  8. "small

    title: Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds vol. 1
    identifier: 1998.12.2
    date: Dec 1998
    cover model: Julie Lynn Cialini / Victoria Fuller
    photographer: Mizuno

    Playmate birthdays Nov/Dec

8 hits

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