PLAYBOY's 50th anniversary presents an ideal opportunity for evaluation and reflection about PLAYBOY. This 50th Anniversary Roundtable was carried out from October 2002 through March 2004 as an intensive email-based forum bringing together dedicated PLAYBOY readers and contributors to discuss in detail PLAYBOY's past, present, and future. In presenting this summary of the project, we hope to contribute to the continued growth and development of the magazine.


Peggy Wilkins <>
Albert Joson <>
Alfred Urrutia <>
Brad Hodges <>
Brian Sorgatz <>
Brian Wallace <>
Dan Stiffler <>
Dave Waldon <>
David Reeves <>
Dianne Chandler <>
Donna Tavoso <>
Gretchen G. Edgren <>
Jim Dean <>
John De Risi <>
Juan Carlos Araujo <>
Kin Orr <>
Mark Tomlonson <>
Martin Kolesar <>
Mike <>
Raymond Benson <>
Simon Lau <>
Steve Migala <>
Steve Sloca <>
Wilmer Rivers <>

The home page for the Playboy50 project, including a complete archive of all project discussions, is located at