PLAYBOY Cartoons

From: Peggy Wilkins <>, 08 Jul 2003
Subject: PLAYBOY cartoons

I have always loved the cartoons in PLAYBOY, and they are an obvious element of "Entertainment for Men". This is one area where I think PLAYBOY truly stands out from any of its competition. PLAYBOY has had a stable of wonderful cartoon contributors for decades, and I still enjoy the works of Gahan Wilson, Marty Murphy, et al to this day; of course John Dempsey and Shel Silverstein in particular are much missed. I hope they can build up a newer stable of significant, recurring contributors with their own unique styles. Again, this contributes strongly to the brand identity of the magazine. It is a very positive element.

I do have one pet peeve: some cartoons are downright ugly. I know there is at least one cartoonist who has appeared in many recent issues where the drawing is quite offputting.

Peggy Wilkins
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