Customer Service

From: Brian Sorgatz <>, 07 Mar 2003
Subject: PLAYBOY's customer service

It's the seventh of the month, and the April issue still hasn't arrived in my mailbox. When I called PLAYBOY's subscriptions department, I was told that I would receive a replacement copy—in two to three weeks. Outrageous! This is part of a pattern of lousy customer service at Playboy Enterprises, as members of its Cyber Club in particular can attest.

From: Brian Sorgatz <>, 10 Jun 2003
Subject: PLAYBOY's customer service—again!

Due to a Post Office error, my July issue was lost. I called PLAYBOY customer service for a replacement. I was told that delivery could take up to six to eight weeks. I'm not in the magazine business, but should it take that long to enter a little bit of data into a computer, print up an address label, and send out a new copy? Amazon and Netflix can ship something out in a matter of days.

When my April issue was lost, I was given an accurate estimate of two weeks for the replacement issue. But if I understood the customer service representative correctly when I called about the July issue on Monday, I narrowly missed the deadline for the shorter delivery schedule this time: As of now, it's a "back issue."

Peggy Wilkins
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