From: Dan Stiffler <>, 22 Jul 2003
Subject:More thoughts on the Interview

At what point did PLAYBOY's content begin its decline? We all know it has declined. No use arguing about Wil's perceived "nadir" of the seventies, which was in fact based only on a photographic style and centered primarily on the playmate. The content of the magazine in the seventies was first rate. In the middle of Wil's "nadir" we have Patti McGuire as playmate and Jimmy Carter as interview subject. Oh, for the good old days of "nadir."

No, the decline began with PLAYBOY's desperate appeal for newsstand sales, desperate because PLAYBOY was willing to stoop in order to conquer. Think Jessica Hahn, Tai Collins, Uma Thurman, Suzen Johnson. These pictorials are unquestioned low points in PLAYBOY's decision making, but they also represent a general loss of class, a loss that has poisoned the well. If you are a "mover or shaker," are you really going to sit for an interview with a magazine that has the mindset of the National Enquirer?

From: Peggy Wilkins <>, 05 Aug 2003
Subject: This project

Factors contributing to this felt decline:

  1. Formulaic design:
  2. The cult of the celebrity:
  3. Absentee editor

From: Gretchen Edgren <>, 05 Aug 2003
Subject: interviews

I would [add to the above list] only that we make it clear that we feel the celebrity fixation applies to Interview subjects, as well. Throw in a serious thinker once in awhile.

I also feel the switch from movie reviews to movie previews, while understandable, is unfortunate.

Peggy Wilkins
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