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Thu, 14 Nov 2002 10:32:37 -0800 (PST)

--- Albert Joson <albs007@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Here are my ideas for changes and thoughts on the future of Playboy
> magazine. I most certainly agree with Peggy that some of the layout
> and design in the magazine needs a major makeover. Some of the
> spreads
> -- mainly the ones that Peggy mentioned -- look a bit too "circusy"
> or
> "cartoony". Being someone wanting to go into the magazine layout
> thing, my favorite magazines (besides Playboy) are the arty mags like
> Flaunt and Blackbook. It would be wonderful to see Playboy use a
> layout similar to these mags, but put that Playboy style in the mix.

I agree.  And like Dan said, I'd love to see more of a sophisticated
emphasis put back in the magazine.  I, too, don't give a shit about
cars that I can *afford* or keg parties.  I mean, not in Playboy.  Why
not then just put average girls in the pictorials?  If the women are
the hottest in the world then so should everything else be.  While I do
enjoy the more adolescent aspects of life I don't feel that Playboy
should shift to that view exclusively.  There's room for both.  Plenty
of pages in that magazine to talk about the new Ferraris and Mercedes,
the best wines and winter retreats, $5000 suits, etc.  It doesn't all
have to be bling-bling playah shit.

> Also, in agreement with Raymond, I would love to see "older women" in
> the pages of Playboy. I mean that probably part of the reason that I
> was pulled into the magazine in the first place when I was in my
> teens.  Now being a bit older, I do find women in their 40s, 50s and
> some women in their 60s very sexy. Women like Raquel Welch or Cheryl
> Ladd I find extremely sexy.

Not that I'm against beautiful older women but think back to when you
were in your teens, in college.  Were you hoping for older women then,
like in their 40s?  Probably not.  Playboy must stay consistent.  Now,
it can be argued that it hasn't been.  But asking for a style change
when many of us are already not too happy with the amount of changes
that have already taken place is a bit counter-productive.

> Recently, I have become a big fan of Alberto Vargas and his work. As
> all of you know, his work was featured in Playboy frequently in the
> 60s and 70s. I would love to see a form of this return -- be it the
> works of Jennifer Janesko, Sorayama, Olivia, or Victoria Fuller and
> other talented artists. It would be great to put a little more
> culture into not only Playboy but the world as well. Thanks all.

Ya, I'd love to see that.  One of the few good things about Penthouse
is that for a while now every month they've had at least one Sorayama
painting in there.  Of course, they always pick the S&M weird fetish
ones and they almost always use two pages the long way, screwing up the
middle of the painting because it's hidden in the binding.  Can't they
do anything right?


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