Albert Joson
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:47:42 -0800 (PST)

--- Gretchen Edgren <> wrote:
> Re Brad's observation, does anybody fear that the problem is that young
> people won't read anything, at least not in printed form? e-mails, cell
> phones, rap, reality TV grab attention, but the print media in general seem
> to be in deep doodoo.

Hello all,

I think I have to agree with Gretchen. The world now is go, go, go,
and everyone wants things done now.  But, I think what will make
Playboy survive this is to find that way to adapt and change with the
times. It should try to revolutionize the world as it did in the
1950s, something to shake things up. Of course, like Gretchen, I
really hope the print media won't go away because being a graphic
design major, my dream is to create my own magazine. And truthfully,
Hugh Hefner and Playboy were part of the reason. Mr. Hefner has
influenced me greatly. I think these Maxims, Stuffs, FHMs, etc. did
influence me, but only as a horny teenager. :) But, I have grown
mature. I realized these mags and its clones are filled with nothing
but crap and sexy women. Now I've turned towards more arty and
cultured magazines like, Flaunt, BlackBook, Complex and One
World. There are those great mags out there but are not getting much
attention (however, Russell Simmon's One World got some pub with 'Lil
Kim's controversial cover last month) but have some great ideas.

One of the things that the world needs more of is culture. If we learn
more and be less ignorant, then we could slow down. Or maybe if we
would slow down, then we could be less ignorant. Anyway, we do need to
be fed with the culture of hip hop, or the skater culture, and even
the Islamic culture in these times.  Print would be a great medium for
the culture to spread.

So, if Playboy can get some fresh ideas and more culture but still
include that Playboy style that the world knows, then they can jump
back over these "frat" mags because they have that worldwide attention
that those lesser known magazines don't have. Of course, it will take
time because the world can't change just like that. Personally, I have
been going through different magazines and picking up ideas and
thoughts, racking my brain on how to change the world through the
print world as Mr. Hefner did.

In this world of e-mails, cell phones, and reality television, I think
something in the print media realm needs to grab the world by the
throat and say "Stop right there and look at me!"

Albert J.