Revamping an old horse

Mark Tomlonson
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:56:26 -0500

Yesterday, in between standing out in freezing rain to get my radio 
station working, I attended a staff meeting where we talked about the 
declining audience for classical music radio *the way we are presenting 
it*. The focus of the meeting was how we can re-invent ourselves to 
present classical music in a way that our present audience wants. In the 
end some sacred cows ended up going to the "Happy Meal Hunting Grounds" 
(How can you drop that program? It's been on the air for 25 years!) but 
our core mission of providing classical music has not changed.

There are parallels to what Playboy is facing in terms of positioning 
itself for its *current* audience. Maybe a talking point for us is to 
try to reach a concensus on what the core elements of Playboy are.

To start us out:

1. Beautiful women, presented artfully and naked.
2. A sense of fun, relaxation
3. A sense of sophistication

Any other thoughts on core values? e.g., if the magazine has plenty of 
beautiful women, is the Playmate a neccessity?

Mark Tomlonson
Kalamazoo MI