Peggy's letter about the June cover

Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:25:15 -0700 (PDT)

> From: Donna Tavoso <>
> Subject: Re: Peggy's letter about the June cover 
> Peggy wrote - The real point for me here was that this particular
> tradition is meaningful to me -- I hold it in high value.  When it
> wasn't observed this year, I felt that they had given up on a part
> of what I thought PLAYBOY was.
> I have to say I disagree, the very fact that you later wrote about
> how much press coverage that about who the PMOY was and how it
> disproved my point about not putting her name on the cover shows
> exactly how much Playboy is still tied to that tradition. In fact I
> thought Christina's pictorial was beautiful and in my opinion her
> photos were much more striking and eye catching than the ones in
> recent years.  I  will be interested, as I am sure all of you will
> be, to see the subscriber's response to not seeing the PMOY on
> the cover.
Except for a brief period during the 1990s, I've been a subscriber to
PLAYBOY since 1977. Even though Christina Santiago was not MY personal
choice for Playmate of the Year 2003, I was VERY disappointed and
upset when I learned that she would not be featured on the cover of
the issue containing her Playmate of the Year pictorial.  Every PMOY
since 1964 had been featured on the cover of the issue containing her
PMOY pictorial.  As for the argument that having Sarah Kozer on the
cover might increase "impulse buys" of the issue from non-subscribers,
the newsstands which DO sell PLAYBOY always bag the issues so you
can't really tell who is on the cover. Peggy very eloquently pointed
this out in a previous post, so that particular argument of increasing
"impulse buys" does not hold water in my opinion.  Also, as pointed
out in the PLAYBOY Mailing List on Yahoo!, it's been 30 years since a
PMOY had a pictorial layout consisting of less than 10
pages. Christina's layout was only 8 pages. I agree with Peggy that
every PMOY should be featured on the cover and in a minimum ten-page
PMOY pictorial. All in all, I was very disappointed in PLAYBOY's
treatment of Ms.  Santiago even though she was not my personal choice
for PMOY 2003.