brian's regime change

Brian Sorgatz
Wed, 07 May 2003 13:35:05 -0700

Gretchen Edgren wrote:
>I used to joke about my brain's being the corporate attic, but there won't
>be any of the old guard left within a month or two.

I sincerely hope that James R. Petersen will stick around. Do you happen to 
know about him, Gretchen?

I must say that it sounds like bad news if the editorial staff is being 
replaced all at once. This is too much change in too little time. Some 
degree of continuity is essential here. Hey, Hef, you're 77 years old now. 
You've earned the right to be somewhat stubbornly old-fashioned. In fact, 
you would do us all a favor by so being.

Brian Sorgatz