Back cover

Brad Hodges
Wed, 07 May 2003 18:59:13 -0400

>While we're on the topic of cover layout: how about using the back
>cover for something besides advertising?  For instance, what if the
>June issue had been printed with Sarah Kozer on the front, right side
>up, and Playmate of the Year Christina on the back cover, upside down?
>Such a cover could be displayed in either orientation, gives the
>readers a bonus, and gets rid of the problem of disappointing the
>traditionalists who want the PMOY cover.  That sounds like a win-win
>situation.  Would the loss in ad revenue be too much? 

What would the loss of revenue be? Probably a lot. The back cover probably
is the largest revenue page, after cover 2. I doubt we will ever see this.