Regime Changes at Playboy

Donna Tavoso
Fri, 9 May 2003 06:42:58 -0500 (EST)

While I can't answer the specific question about whether or not Jim
Petersen is staying on with the magazine, despite significant personal
changes at the magazine, there are some very key players who have
strong ties and a long history with the magazine who it is clear are
staying including Tom Staebler, art director, Gary Cole, photography
director and responsible for the Playboy All-American Team among other
things and Steve Randall, who as executive editor is responsible for
the Playboy Interview.  So I do think there will be some continuity,
plus everything I have read says that Hef is still involved in what is

And before everyone beats up the new group of people as not knowing
the history of the magazine because they made a mistake of saying that
Christina Santiago was the first PMOY of spanish or ethnic descent, I
clearly remember reading a press about Lindsey Vuolo being the first
Jewish Playmate only to see numerous letters to the editors about
other Jewish Playmates who preceeded her and that was well before
their were any editorial changes.