PEI Financial Statement and Advertisers

Peggy Wilkins
Fri, 09 May 2003 01:57:11 -0500

>>>>> "Donna" == Donna Tavoso <> writes:

[Re: automotive advertising]
    Donna> ... all three major Detroit car
    Donna> companies pulled out of the magazine in the 80's during the
    Donna> Regan era when they got tons for mail from the right.
    Donna> Maybe with the new changes they will be able to lure them
    Donna> back in, but from my knowledge of that industry it's going
    Donna> to be a hard sell.  Maybe some of Playboy's loyal
    Donna> subscribers should send some notes to Detroit and ask them
    Donna> why they don't feel it's important to advertise in Playboy.

I think this is a great suggestion; I have been wanting to do a
write-in campaign of some sort to encourage good/appropriate companies
to advertise in PLAYBOY, especially since advertisers seem to be so
much in need of encouragement to do this.  Does anyone have any
experience with this?  If we were to get together a list of good
potential advertisers and their appropriate products, to whom would we
address letters?  Would it be more effective to write to CEOs, public
relations, advertising directors, or some other department within a
company?  What are the merits vs. potential downsides of one person
writing a letter vs. a group petition vs. many people writing letters
to companies?  I wouldn't want to do more harm than good.