Hef Rex?

Brian Sorgatz bsorgatz@hotmail.com
Sat, 10 May 2003 12:30:02 -0700

Dan Stiffler wrote:
>While I am hopeful that Mr. Kaminsky has the capacity and the desire to be
>the successful editor of PLAYBOY (which is something different than being
>the successful editor of Maxim), I have no hope that he will be able to
>succeed Mr. Hefner as Mr. Playboy.  In fact, I do not think it is even
>desirable. . . .  Mr. Kaminsky
>may indeed find a way to lead PLAYBOY in the coming years, but he cannot
>become Mr. Playboy.

Fair enough.  As I have suggested before, the editorial leader and the 
holder of the "Mr. Playboy" title need not be the same person.

>. . . if the Playboy
>Mansion becomes Buckingham Palace, then the empire will most certainly

Mythologically speaking, the Playboy Mansion has been a Buckingham Palace 
for decades. I'm just arguing that we should keep it that way if we can.

Brian Sorgatz