Automotive Advertising

Brian Sorgatz
Sun, 11 May 2003 13:21:36 -0700

Donna Tavoso wrote:
>Instead of a petition or letters, I think a more unique approach would
>be to actually write letters to the CEO's of these companies (go to
>the top, that's who's making the decision not to advertise) after
>seeing the product featured in the magazine, with a note about how
>maybe it inspired you to visit a website or a store to check out the
>product.  Of course, the note wouldn't be complete unless you
>mentioned that you also checked out a competitors product as well
>because you saw their ad.

If I understand you correctly, this would be preaching to the choir.  The 
companies that *don't* advertise in PLAYBOY are the ones that need this 

Brian Sorgatz