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Dan Stiffler
Tue, 13 May 2003 01:19:07 -0400

On 5/12/03 9:24 PM, "Gretchen Edgren" <> wrote:

> Vanity Fair for reviews and criticism?????

I was a bit surprised by that one too, Gretchen, but then I can't claim to
know much about the editorial content of Vanity Fair, so I am not a fair
judge.  This was the citation at the website:

Vanity Fair:  Graydon Carter, editor, for three articles by James Wolcott,
Terror on the Dotted Line, January; U. S. Confidential, June; The Penance of
Pirates, October.

"James Wolcott taps into America's collective subconscious with a wicked pen
and a bull's-eye sensibility.  He puts his finger on the highs and lows of
9/11 coverage, attacks the tectonic shift in tabloid journalism, and weighs
in on white-collar crime and absolution.  His criticism dissects cultural
phenomena in full light of its history  and ours."

Makes me want to read those pieces!

All of the citations are at

To be honest, reading the citations makes be wish that PLAYBOY were striving
for an "Ellie" rather than the latest...oh, you know.


Dan Stiffler