Honor Thy Playmate

Alfred Urrutia rampagingsloth@yahoo.com
Fri, 16 May 2003 15:27:22 -0700 (PDT)

--- David Reeves <dreeves97@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you, Donna, but I know Pam's status.  It's my friends who don't.
> My point (which I'll re-address soon) is that the average person isn't
> an expert on some of the things knowledgeable PB fans like us take for
> granted. Not that that's a problem to me personally, but in the
> context of publicity and "the Playboy (Playmate) mystique it's highly
> important.  7-Up is the "un-cola", yet I know people who thought it
> has caffeine.

This is a problem (if you consider it troubling enough to call it that) with
most things.  There are those that don't know/care about a subject, those that
think they do or are content to know X amount and then there are those who are
geeks enough about the subject to the point of assuming that everyone else
takes for granted what they do on the subject.  It holds for Star Trek fans,
muscle car enthusiasts, metal music fans, computer geeks, every group that has
a strong core following.  While stating that you're a true Mopar freak yet not
being able to tell the difference between a long-ram and a cross-ram intake
manifold will slap "poser" on your head at the first car show you go to, it is
a good yardstick of popularity to gauge how many non-geeks are aware of the
arcane trivia that only the geeks are expected to know.  In this sense I'd say
that Playboy isn't as popular as we'd like it to be.  Certainly it isn't taken
as seriously as it should be considering its role in the sexual revolution and
female beauty.  But when the average shmoes think that Playmate and Bunny are
interchangeable and that anyone who has a pictorial in Playboy is automatically
defined as a Playmate, more work must be done to get the message out to the
world.  Otherwise it's just a niche.


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