Entertainment for Men

Brian Sorgatz bsorgatz@hotmail.com
Sun, 18 May 2003 13:52:01 -0700

Steve Sloca wrote:
>Can you envision a nude boy/girl centerfold in a romantic setting shot
>by Playboy's top photographers?  How about the Playmate AND her
>boyfriend openly discussing their sexuality in an expanded
>"Centerfolds on Sex" feature?  Or an illustrated article on what a man
>should buy for his mate for birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc.--written
>by women from the feminine perspective?  (And, or course, the converse
>for gifts his mate could buy.)  How about a nude pictorial
>illustrating the most common feminine and male fantasies, coupled with
>a psychologist's explanation for the bases for these fantasies and a
>sexologist's suggestions as to how couples can use these common
>fantasies to enhance their love life?

The male and female halves of the species will always, to some extent, have 
two separate cultures.  They each deserve some media venues of their own.  
Of course, the intellectual, literary, and artistic contributions of women 
should always be welcome in and around the world of PLAYBOY.  But if we wish 
to remain faithful to Hugh Hefner's vision, we should let PLAYBOY continue 
to be a magazine intended mainly for a male readership.

Brian Sorgatz