Media Life 5/20/2003: The not entirely all new PLAYBOY

Peggy Wilkins
Wed, 21 May 2003 22:49:38 -0500

>>>>> "Peggy" == Peggy Wilkins <> writes:

    >>> Increasingly, however, female subjects will be depicted
    >>> partially nude or minimally clothed in the style of mainstream
    >>> men's titles. The idea is to be able to attract the most
    >>> famous actresses and models to a magazine that has all too
    >>> often had to rely on lady wrestlers and reality TV "stars" to
    >>> drive newsstand sales.

    Peggy> This quote strikes me as strange... This isn't consistent.
    Peggy> He could (and should) come up with a better example.

I just noticed that the paragraph I attributed to Kaminsky was not a
direct quote; I'm sorry about that error.  The bad example is no doubt
the mistake of the writer of the article, and thankfully isn't Jim
Kaminsky getting confused about what he's saying!