Maybe we should look at it this way?

Brian Sorgatz
Sun, 25 May 2003 15:52:51 -0700

Dianne Chandler wrote:
>Perhaps we need to look at it from Brian's point of view.  Maybe there
>should be a Senior Photo Editor (Marilyn Grabowski comes to mind, since
>she's been doing precisely that for some 30-odd years), and a Mansion
>Hostess (several Playmates have experience in this area, Ava being one)
>and a Playmate Press, PR and Promotions Director, and again, James Gonis
>has been performing this function since VP Cindy Rackowits left a couple
>of years ago and seems to be  doing a great job.  Hopefully the main
>person in charge of general Pr & Press will remain in the hands of the
>effective and affable Bill Farley.  Editorial of all sorts will of
>course be handled in New York.  Christie handles the money.

I appreciate your input, Dianne, but I think you miss my point a
little bit. (You're not the only one.)  What I'm talking about is not
management but a symbolic, charismatic figurehead.  The most competent
staff of editors and business managers in the world couldn't preserve
PLAYBOY's heart and soul the way such a figurehead could.  Hef is
irreplaceable, but we ought to try to find someone to succeed him in
this role anyway.  If Hef's shoes are filled to only 70% capacity, our
labors will not be in vain.

Brian Sorgatz