reviews, etc.

Gretchen Edgren
Tue, 27 May 2003 12:14:58 -0400

IMHO, the single best thing Jim Kaminsky and gang could do to improve
Playboy is to reduce its longstanding three-month lead time. Part of this is
supposedly due to the size of the press run, but it can't all be charged to
that. It's quite possible they're moving in that direction; I hope so.

A shorter lead time would enable OFM to publish more timely articles and,
especially, reviews. I, for one, don't think much of the previews that have
recently supplanted movie reviews; they pretty much represent well-edited
puffery from the film companies, not critical opinion. 

Changing the size and quality of the paper Playboy is printed upon might, I
imagine, involve some fairly substantial costs that would have to be weighed
against any "surprise factor" that might make people pick up copies at the
newsstand (supposing they can find one that carries the magazine, let alone
displays it). It's an interesting idea, though.  

The idea of a Mistress of the Mansion is intriguing...but wouldn't it
somehow conflict with Hef and the Seven Blondes?

Also the notion of allowing all Playmates and their partners to stay at the
Mansion is pretty impractical, considering the place has a finite number of
guest rooms and there are now close on 600 eligible Centerfolds, let alone
their mates!

Restoring Playmates' lifetime subscriptions to the magazine would be nice,
though. Also make it easier to keep track of them (speaking as one who knows
from experience the difficulty of that task)! 

Best to all,