Playboy50 submission deadline

Alfred Urrutia
Tue, 2 Mar 2004 00:47:58 -0800 (PST)

--- Peggy Wilkins <> wrote:

> I would especially appreciate comments on recent issues.  The last
> issue I remember reviewing here was October 2003, which is by now
> quite old.  Also, now that we've had a full year of the "new" PLAYBOY,
> any comments on the general direction they've gone in (preferably with
> specific examples)?  And what about the recent issues do people most
> and least like?

Least like?  That's easy, the fact that a PMOY didn't get on the cover of her
PMOY issue.  That barely beats out the Carny Wilson pictorial but then I can't
remember exactly when that was and I can't believe they'd repeat something that
visually worthless.  But their excuse/explanation for why Christina didn't make
the cover (that issue is typically a poor seller and the reality chick might
bolster sales/Christina had already been on a previous cover) sounds like the
type of logic they'd employ again and I don't want that.  What I like best, I
guess, is the fact that they're trying to put the issues out later in order to
be more timely.  I like the direction/idea of the Club Tour but I'd prefer that
Playboy bring back a few clubs, updated for this era.  One in Vegas, surely! 
Another in Hollywood after the Vegas one is a roaring success.  Then Chicago,
Miami, New York,...

I'm looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue right now.  40th
Anniversary, no less.  One minor thing they did in this issue that I'd like to
see Playboy emulate is they have a picture of most of the more famous past SI
models together in the same shot (the "Hall of Fame" picture).  I'd *love* to
see Playboy do that for this 50th year.  Maybe a "Hall of Fame" PMOY shot (or,
better yet, pictorial) with most of their most famous PMOYs (ANS is looking
pretty good now, if still stoned, and it would be cool to see India Allen or
Donna Edmonson or pleasepleaseplease Lisa Matthews pose again, to say nothing
of Karen Velez or Kimberly Conrad or others).  Same goes for the gathering all
the Anniversary Playmates together.  Do the PMOY pictorial in the PMOY issue
(to "bolster sales", if that helps) and find a month to do the Anniversary one.
 Celebrate, dammit!


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