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Welcome to my searchable database for the PLAYBOY Cyber Club Daily Double. The Daily Double feature began July 8, 1998 and continued through November 30, 2011. Cyber Club membership is required to follow links to the Daily Double images.

Please report any data errors to Peggy Wilkins (mozart at lib.uchicago.edu).

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Model Browse: Jennifer LeRoy

3 hits
  1. date: 2001 07 25
    model: Jennifer LeRoy
    photographer: Mizuno
    comment: Misspelled: Jennifer "Leroy"
    link: http://cyber.playboy.com/members/moregirls/daily/2001/07/20010725-B.html

  2. date: 2003 09 03
    model: Jennifer LeRoy
    photographer: Stephen Wayda
    link: http://cyber.playboy.com/members/moregirls/daily/2003/09/20030903-B.html

  3. date: 2003 09 23
    model: Jennifer LeRoy
    photographer: Arny Freytag
    link: http://cyber.playboy.com/members/moregirls/daily/2003/09/20030923-A.html

3 hits

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