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NOTE: The final report of this project has been completed and was submitted to Hugh Hefner on April 5, 2004. These pages are an archive of the project.

From modest beginnings in December 1953 as a 44-page magazine produced in Hugh Hefner's Chicago apartment, Playboy grew into a publishing phenomenon that is now an international enterprise and a cultural icon. 2003 brings a milestone anniversary -- and an important crossroads for the magazine as it must balance tradition with innovation in a world now half a century removed from its start.

Playboy's approaching 50th anniversary presents an ideal opportunity for evaluation and reflection about Playboy. This 50th Anniversary Roundtable is intended as an intensive, moderated, email-based forum, bringing together dedicated Playboy readers and contributors to discuss in detail Playboy's past, present, and future, using the past and present as a springboard to the future. In holding this discussion, we hope to contribute to the continued growth and development of the magazine.

Participants will be motivated individuals who are familiar with Playboy magazine and its history, are willing to think creatively in an open environment, and are articulate and constructive in expressing their thoughts. Active moderation will keep discussions on target and moving forward. This is intended as a time limited forum; timetables for topic discussions will ensure that they are completed in a timely manner. The final result of this discussion will be a written summary which will be presented to Playboy.

Appropriate topics are anything related to Playboy, whether past, present, or future, with special focus on what Playboy can and should be doing now to grow and succeed in the future. Possible topics include but are not limited to: what is Playboy; things that please; things that disappoint; editorial content; tradition vs. innovation; special editions; format/layout/design; covers; photographs and photographers;; video; features old and new; distribution and circulation; promotion; Playboy's competitors; 50th anniversary celebration and promotion. There are many more possibilities: Playboy's rich and distinguished history and strong identity in today's culture offer much material for discussion. We intend to draw out in-depth thought and detailed analysis of these topics.

This list is strictly moderated for adherence to the goals of this project; please read the Playboy50 submission guidelines prior to posting. For more general Playboy discussion, see the Playboy Mailing List.

For more information, please contact Peggy Wilkins.

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