Maybe we should look at it this way?

Dianne Chandler
Sun, 25 May 2003 11:34:47 -0400

Maybe Brian is onto something here.  Maybe after Hef leaves, for
whatever reason (hopefully into an enjoyable retirement) we should give
up the thought that there must be one, senior male to replace him.
Let's face it, nobody can replace Hef.  He was one of a kind, a special
guy, he created and nurtured the magazine for all these years, and we
jut can't clone him, even if we'd like to.

Perhaps we need to look at it from Brian's point of view.  Maybe there
should be a Senior Photo Editor (Marilyn Grabowski comes to mind, since
she's been doing precisely that for some 30-odd years), and a Mansion
Hostess (several Playmates have experience in this area, Ava being one)
and a Playmate Press, PR and Promotions Director, and again, James Gonis
has been performing this function since VP Cindy Rackowits left a couple
of years ago and seems to be  doing a great job.  Hopefully the main
person in charge of general Pr & Press will remain in the hands of the
effective and affable Bill Farley.  Editorial of all sorts will of
course be handled in New York.  Christie handles the money.

Maybe we need to realize that Hef is a person larger than life, and it
will take more than one person to fill his shoes.  I don't see anything
wrong with this idea.  Ideally, Hef should be the one working on a
management succession plan now.

Dianne Chandler
Miss September 1966